Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sylvanian Travels - JAPAN (Part Two)

Hello everyone! Its time for a second edition of Sylvanian Travels! In this edition, we take you to the Sylvanian Kitchen restaurant in Japan!

The Sylvanian Kitchens are based on the actual Sylvanian Kitchen building in the Japanese range. As of May 2011, there are five Sylvanian Kitchens in Japan, one in Fukuoka, three in the Greater Tokyo area and one at the Sylvanian Families theme Park in Grinpa. The one you'll see in this post is the Sylvanian Kitchen in Kichijōji, Tokyo which closed earlier this year in February.

Sylvanian Kitchen at the Sylvanian Families Theme Park in Grinpa.

Sylvanian Kitchen at Kichijōji, Tokyo

Now, the food served at the restaurants are mostly a fusion of Western and Japanese cuisines with the usual Pizzas and Pastas along with Soups and Salads. However, I do recommend trying the Japanese Curry Rice (カレーライス) or the Naporitan(ナポリタン), both of which has its own unique and different taste from their conventional counterparts more commonly found elsewhere in the world! And for the hardcore Sylvanian fan, kids meals are also available in their usual kawaii kiddy portions!

The dinner menu at the restaurant.

Cold Corn Soup served at the restaurant!

Also, restaurants also differ from one another. For example, the Kitchen in Kichijōji was more of a typical dine-in while the Kitchen at Tokyo Bay is more of buffet style.

Of course, the food is just half of the experience you'll get at the Sylvanian Kitchen. While dining at the kitchen do keep out for the various displays and portraits that line the interior of the restaurant.

The Welcome mat at the entrance!

2010, marks the 10th Anniversary of the Sylvanian Kitchens since their interception in 2000.

A Sylvanian Kitchen within the Sylvanian Kitchen?

And dinner do go shopping the adjacent Sylvanian Market which sells both the JP range as well as the UK and US range. Up for grabs here are loads of special products from markers, keychains, stationery to loads of special JP Market specials!

Oodles and oodles of Sylvanian goodies!

Sylvanian Kitchen Pair
The Sylvanian Kitchen pair, available, only at the Sylvanian Kitchens and selected speciality stores, (2360円 each)

All in all, visiting the Sylvanian Kitchen is a great experience and definitely a must-go for any Sylvanian collector :) Budget wise, do plan about 1200-2000円 each person for meals and up to 10000円 for shopping! I, myself spent almost 10000円 in all.

This post dedicated to the countless number of victims of the recent Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. To all of our Japanese readers and friends, our thoughts are with you during this difficult and trying period.