Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sylvanian Travels: Singapore Special!

Okay, so I'll be honest with this one, I didn't had to travel much for this edition of Sylvanian Travels! Today, I'll be telling you more about Singapore's very own Sylvanian Shop!

Located at Changi City Mall, Play2Learn is Singapore's very first Sylvanian Shop! And while they carry other lines of toys as well, Sylvanian Families make up a big portion of their store space! Having been the different Sylvanian shops all around the world, I must say I'm really impressed with the store! (And I'm not just saying that, because it's local!)

While visiting the store, do take time a look at the various displays of buildings and sets! When this store opened in May this year, the store brought in staff from the Epoch Group in Japan, just to help set up all these displays. And needless to say, they are just as good as the ones I saw in Japan and England!

Now, on to the main thing, the product range! Product-wise, there is definitely a large variety of items up for sale. In addition to the usual Japanese and British range, the shop also brought in the EU range as well as the Easy-Buy sets which are usually only available in newer developing markets in Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and Africa. On our third visit, we even spotted a few loose pieces of Calico Critters!

I'm also equally impressed by the number of exclusive items from Japan they have in the store, such the Misty Forest Pumpkin Carriage, Baby Pairs set and the tons of Japanese Sylvanian memorabilia. Granted this is may be the Sylvanian Shop in Grinpa or the Sylvanian Market in Tokyo but definitely, this store has one of the best variety of these product outside Japan. My take on this is, if you do have a limited budget for Sylvanian Shopping, go for these !

All in all, its a great place to visit for Sylvanians if you're visiting Singapore, great variety, great displays and lots of friendly staff on habd to help! My only big qualm would be the location of the store, a good half-an-hour from  downtown Singapore. But for someone who has travelled hours out of the way just for Sylvanians, I can't really complain :)


Play2Learn is located at Changi City Point on the Eastern tip of Singapore,

If you're coming from Changi Airport, it is just a five minute train ride on the trains to the next station, Expo. Changi City Point is just right across the road.

If you're coming from Downtown, take the East-West Line on the MRT to Tanah Merah (EW4) and switch trains to Expo (CG1).

Changi City Point
Opening hours: 1000-2200 hrs