Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sylvanian Commercials of Yesteryear!

Its been a real long time since I've written a post but here's is a short one after almost a two-year hiatus!

Recently, I've stumbled upon these vintage Sylvanian Families commercials. I'm sure many of you have seen the newer JP commercials were loads of special effects are used. However, these were produced with the real figures, something I really enjoyed watching a kid! (READ: Stop-Motion)

So without further ado, here are the commercials! (Or as they call 'em in Japan, CMs)

1987 - Forest Bakery & Other Assorted JP sets. I have to admit, this is a personal favourite of mine, simply for the reason, I love vintage JP items!

1989 - Sylvanian Royal Sets. These sets were dubbed Royal sets due to the fact they made sounds. Any collector would probably scoff at the prices advertised on this commercial. 1500-1880 yen for a Musical Evergreen, Timbertop or Wildwood? Pfft, haha. 

1991 - Large Forest House. This was probably one of the more expensive Sylvanian houses released in the early 90's! The extension seen at the end of the video was due to be sold in the UK by the Collector's Club but was later shelved due to its price! 

1998 - Forest Market aka the Sylvanian Market. This is literally my childhood summed up in 30 seconds. I remember this airing on television, every Saturday morning as a kid! This was pretty much my favourite era of Sylvanians (Feeling a wee old now haha.)

And last but definitely not least, 1988 - McDonalds Happy Meal Sylvanian Commercial! This is is simply the holy grail of Sylvanian sets as far as it goes! The sets were done in conjunction with McDonalds Japan. The appearance or even assistance of these sets have been debated over by veteran collectors  for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS...until now! Enjoy this exclusive piece of Sylvanian History! 

Thats all from me, of course, this post is barely scratching the surface on what is up on Youtube. If you're interested to see what else they have on YouTube, check it out!