Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Deer-ey Affair

The Buckleys have just moved to Little Rock Creek from Japan. One day, Maria Buckley decided to invite her cousins, Buck, Juniper and Bonnie for supper.

"Whatever shall I cook?" pondered Maria.

"I know! I shall make some Japanese treats from my native Nara!", quipped Maria.

And so, off she went to the kitchen to prepare supper...

Washing the greens!

Maria skillfully slicing the salmon with a sharp knife (Careful!) while Freddie shreds the daikon or Raddish.

Boiling the vegetables, because no one wants E. coli! :)

Frying the tempura to a crisp golden brown, yum!

Heres, Freddie rolling the sushi while Maria boils the Green Tea.

Cleaning the table before placing the food!

Itadakimasu! ^^


Nina said...


I like your post. :-) The little sushi rolls and the tempura are extremely cute!! Is it SF food? It has the perfect size for Sylvanians!!

Rocky said...

Thank you Nina! I do enjoy reading your stories as well ! Especially the one with bakery :)