Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Sylvanian App?!

That's right! Your eyes aren't deceiving you! In the latest innovation from Epoch, Epoch has developed a Sylvanian Families App for us Apple users! The app is available to all current Apple Products (Both ipads, Iphone3GS, Iphone4 & Iphone4s & Ipodtouch).

So the question remains, how much does this app lives up to the little critters we all so fondly love? We, at SylvanianHolics decided to find out,

Navigation-wise, the application is a breeze to navigate even for non-native Japanese users. As the app is mainly targeted for kids, most of the features such as the Mini-Game and Story are mostly kiddy-oriented. Nevertheless, there are still a few features that the Oldie Collector will like.

Biographies. Unlike UK/US Sylvanians, Japanese figures do not have names. They do however, have a large array of other titbits such as Birthdays & Horoscope. And With this app, its a breeze to find out everything. Currently, there are only four families featured, the Walnut Squirrels, Silk Cats, Chihuahuas & Chocolate Rabbits.

The app also features this fancy page which has info on the Buildings, Mini-Catalogue and the features found on the actual Sylvanian site, which can be launch on Safari

And to top it all, the app features a series of CMs! These commercials are usually seen on the Japanese Market and on the site. However, with this app they're available to anyone now :)

Overall, the app is a pretty useful thing especially if you're on the move and need to kill some time on the train. Although, it can be a bit dry to the Adult collector or the non-Japanese speaker. I'd give it a 3/5 rating.

If you're are thinking of getting this app however, you will have to create an Itunes account with the Japanese Itunes store as this app cannot be bought on any other store. The good thing however is, it is free!

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