Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dreaming the Sylvanian Dream

As I was growing up, I always envied some of my older collecting friends and how they could always get those darling Sylvanian Market Exclusives from Japan that all so many of us would love to have. But alas, as a kid, I couldn't afford them due the crazy shipping prices, the equally crazy exchange rate and for many other reasons. Neither were my parents that receptive to the idea of spending a small fortune just for the sake of toys. After all, would you trust your ten year old kid with such expensive toys? Thus, my collection was often limited to the ones I could get from the local store and during the many family holidays in Hong Kong and Bangkok to name a few.

Among the many figures, one stood out, the Doll of the Year 2003. As its name suggest, the doll was an exclusive piece by Epoch limited to a mere 100 pieces, each numbered. Often I dreamt about having her and how grand it would've been to be one of the hundred collectors to ever own her.

Fast-forward a few years to 2011, and here I'm still collecting Sylvanians, the passion never fades! And while I've managed to collect some of those Sylvanian Market exclusives, I still held out that childhood dream of getting the Doll of the Year 2003. Of course, by then she was even more hard to come by.

But then, just last week, a very good friend of mine, Hayley tipped me off about the Doll of the Year 2003 being sold off eBay. My heart skipped a beat, could this me the moment I had been waiting for since I was a kid?

As it turned out, it was really her! She was missing her base and she wasn't boxed but nevertheless it was her! I snapped her up and the rest is history!

Looking back, I think it was well worth the wait, I've been collecting for 12 years and what better way to mark it by finally fulfilling that long childhood dream of mine?

My new addition, The Doll of the Year 2003. Mine didn't came with her original base but I found a lovely piece of China that suited her just nice! Look out for a better picture coming up at Gallery soon!

This post is dedicated to my good friend in Sylvanian Collecting, Hayley! Thank You for helping me fulfill my childhood dream!


bittenbythebug said...

Congratulations on your valuable find! Indeed it's very exciting to finally find a dream Sylvanian, as if it has finally found its way home to you.

Rocky said...

Thank You so much! :) Its always Great to see more collectors in the region coming to visit :)