Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In & Around Little Rock Creek: The Little Rock Community Library

When the school rings in Little Rock Creek, some go exploring in lush forest of Sylvania, while go fishing by the Creek. But for some, the Little Rock Community Library is great place to spend a sleepy afternoon in the Creek.

The library is run by Hubert Huckleberry who also teaches English and Literature at St Francis School.

"It always great to see so many children spending their afternoon in the Library and its a great joy to see them grow up!" quipped Hubert before returning to his favourite Shakespearean novel, Hamlet!

Meanwhile, not too far away in the reading room, Scarlett Slydale was reading to her baby brother and sister, Linsey and Skitter.

"And the big red baloon flew far far away to the stars... never to be seen again!" said Scarlett in an animated voice.

Right next to Slydales, was none other Dennis Huckleberry, Little Rock Creek's biggest bookworm with his usual reads!

The library is also home to a large of comic books, heres Patch Forrestor catching up with the latest issue of Superman while his best pal, Gromwell Cottontail catches up on the latest Zzzs.

With so many books and genres to choose from, Willow Cottontail and Tiffany Golightly are just spoilt for choice!

Lost? Not to worry! Mr. Huckleberry is always there to help!

The library is also equipped with a study room. Here's Summer Evergreen taking time off Cheerleading Practice to tutor Lucy Honey-bear while her brother Logan Evergreen is working on his Physics Project with Birch Timbertop.


Kate Dante said...

I like this library :)

Rocky said...

Thank You Bogi! :) I love your blog as well!