Thursday, March 22, 2012

More and More Dioramas!

A few months back, I wrote about making a Sylvanian-diorama with some of spare figures and re-ment accessories. Well, a few months on, it looks like I have really caught the diorama bug! To date, I have done five dioramas with a sixth one planned.

I got all of my display cases from Daiso, a Japanese Dollar Shop. At SGD$2 a piece, the cases are a steal! And with a little creativity, they're a cheap and lovely way to keep your Sylvanians in mint condition!

These are some of my Pre-Millennium JP Babblebrooks in their Baby Room! I used some spare felt as well as some unused old furniture from my collection!

And my Redwood Red Panadas! Nothing fancy, just some old leftover faux grass from my old school project!

A few weeks back, I found is lovely model of a diecast Vespa on sale at the department store I was working at. Knowing me, being a sucker for anything miniature, I decided to get it! And after a few days of painting, crafting out, this is the complete result!

Mrs Meadows isn't pleased that her husband, spends all his time now on his new Vespa!

And now, its competition time! I have a Spare Display Case to give away! All you have to do is to email me telling me when kind of Sylvanian Diorama you would like to make! This competition is open to all readers of Sylvanianholics, both local and international! So Hurry! Contest ends 21th April 2012, 11.59pm SGT!


JoyceC said...

Hi Rocky,

Very nice Dioramas you have there!

I just started collecting SF only a few months ago. Usually I'll just buy from Takashimaya SC or from eBay.
Just wondering if you ever bought from TamaBoutique online shop? Is the shipping fee reasonable one? And how long to get the items delivered here in Singapore? Any good store to recommend here in Singapore or even online?

Thanks a lot!

Rocky said...

Hi Joyce!

Thank You for your message! I have purchased from Tama Boutique before although they have been rather inactive of the late. Hope this helps!


Ananas said...

Wow, I love those display boxes! I hope I would find something similar for my figures as they have started to collect a lot of dust without any protection :(

You have done fantastic job with backgrounds and layout.

Rocky said...

Thank You so much, Tanja! I hope you're doing well :)

Unknown said...

Fab blog your amaz i love sylvanians and your set ups are such an inspiration.

fahimkhan said...

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