Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Forest Community Album #1

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the first issue at the Forest Community Album. Here you'll find biographies of some the family that live in my village, Little Rock Creek. Today, we have Redwood Red Pandas! :)

FATHER Merlot Redwood is quite the connoisseur when it comes to wine! From Chardonnay to Pinot Noir, Merlot loves them all! During the Summer, he can be found in the vineyards of the Sylvania Winery which he runs, plucking the fresh grapes off the vine.

MOTHER Shiraz Redwood loves experimenting with the wide array of produce her husband grows in the vineyard. She is renowned for her Midori Melon Wine which is every diner's favourite at the Sylvanian Kitchen.

SISTER Cherry Redwood enjoys long strolls in the forest, bringing a basket each time to collect the various berries and nuts to make her yummy Berry Pecan Nut Pie.

BABY GIRL Cranberry Redwood is only three but already helping parents at the vineyard. Every time her father brings in a new harvest of grapes, Cranberry will help Merlot stomp the grapes to make the grape juice for the wine!

The Redwoods enjoying the fruits of their labour, tasting the many juices and wines produced in the Winery.

Father Merlot having a nice chat with Cherry over a glass of Champaign.

View the Redwood Family in the Gallery!

*Names courtesy of SylvanianFamilies.com
*Biographies done by SylvanianHolics.blogspot.com, all rights reserved.

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Nurlisa said...

The Redwood Red Panda family is really cute. I'm in love with them <3