Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Additions to Gallery

Hey Everyone! Just a short post this week, putting up pictures of my new additions from the last two months.

TOMY Bulrushes. They'll be running the Sylvanian Theater in Little Rock Creek. Special Thanks to Blanca for trading these with me!

Dentist Spencer Clearwater. A big big thanks to my old friend, Jacc for helping me get this one! As you can see he's already well in demand here in Little Rock Creek!

UL Tailbury Baby Boy. I wasn't really interested in getting the family life set that came with it so I was pretty pleased for my friend, Hayley had one up on ebay! Thanks Hayley!

US TOMY Rocky Babblebrook. I have to admit I had a penchant for him since I first saw him in last Sepetember. I just love Babblebrooks! Special Thanks to Countney of Sylvanian Heaven for the trade and the lovely illustration of him!

Maces Mice. I updated their photos after the JP Maces Grandmother came in from Wendy's shoppe! Kudos to Wendy for helping me collect this family!

View my new figures at the Gallery!

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anubis said...

hi, im cha from manila. i have sylvanian families collections too. i collect frogs as well and i've been looking for bullrush family to add to my collection. may i ask where you got your bullrush family? it's not available here :( thank you.