Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Forest Community Album #2

I never thought my second post would come so soon! Today, we will be visiting the Ernest and Primrose Evergreen, who just moved into Little Rock Brook to be close with their son, and his family.

Patchwork or Gardening? That seems to be on the agenda of Mr. and Mrs. Evergreen!

*GRANDFATHER Ernest Evergreen is Sylvania's great inventor. He locks himself away in his shed for days on end whenever he has an idea for some gadget or other. It must be said that not all Ernest's inventions have been a success and many of them don't seem to work at all!

*GRANDMOTHER Primrose Evergreen is Sylvania's "weather girl" with an instinct for what tomorrow's weather will bring. If her ears itch it will be sunny, if her toes itch it will rain, if her nose itches it will snow! Ernest jokes that if Primrose itches all over it will be because she's caught measles.

Ernest and Primrose settling into their new home with a refreshing cup of Jasmine Tea and some delights baked by Primrose herself!

A close up of breads and pastries. The ones on the right are Shaobing, flaky pastries with sweet filling such as mung beans or red beans!

View the Evergreen Bears in my gallery!

*Biographies courtesy of Sylvanian Families by TOMY, 1987


CrystalCorrin said...

Rockie, that china set is so beautiful! Where did you acquire it?

Rocky said...

Hi Bugzy, the china set was a Japanese release in the late 90's, really a great piece to collect :)

Nurlisa said...

Those bread and pastries looks so yummy :DD