Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In & Around Little Rock Creek: Lunch at the Brunch Stand!

Recently, a new fast food restaurant has opened in Little Rock Creek, attracting swarms of hungry Sylvanians. So what is their secret? Theodore Tear-Drop of the Little Rock Times finds out,

"Well, I make my specialties from only the freshest produce in Sylvania which I get delieved by Rocky Babblebrook's Sylvanian Market every morning at seven!", said Mr. Kenneth Furbanks, owner of the Brunch Stand.

"Cooking is our family's favourite pastime!" exclaimed Greta, Kenneth's daughter. "Today, I'm helping daddy cook the flap-jacks while Doug is in charge of the fries with Mother manning her famous Chilli on the stove!"

"After we send the kids to school, Kenny and I start laying out the food in time for the lunchtime crowd", said Emma, Kenneth's wife of 12 years!

"I love it! I come here everyday after school just for the pancakes", said a hungry Radish Dappledawn as he tucked into his piping hot serving of pancakes.
"Uncle Kenny always reserves me a seat everyday, he knows I absolutely adore his Strawberry ice cream!" giggled Andromeda Pettie.

More happy diners at the Brunch Stand!

Brunch Stand is located at the junction of Pebble Lane and Reed Avenue, next to the Little Rock Creek Town Hall.

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